Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has been on a tour of Europe, signing billions of pounds worth of business deals with different nations, after economic sanctions against the country were lifted.

He was due to dine with President Francois Hollande at an upmarket restaurant in the French capital.

The French insisted on serving local food and wine but the Iranians demanded a halal menu in keeping with their Muslim faith.

Hollande’s officials said preparing the meal to be ‘Iran friendly’ went against France’s republican values.

The Elysee Palace suggested a breakfast with Rouhani instead, but this was said to be snubbed by the Iranian leader for being ‘too cheap’.

A diplomatic source told the RTL radio station: ‘The leaders have missed out on a great opportunity to meet in the relaxed environment of a meal.’

In contrast, the Italians made sure the Iranian visit went smoothly by keeping alcohol off the menu for state dinners and covering up its nude statues.

A wooden box was placed around several pieces, including a Venus dating back to the Second Century BC, at Rome’s Capitoline Museum, before the Italian and Iranian premiers spoke there. Rouhani, who signed £12billion worth of deals with the Italian government and businesses, said he did not make any specific requests for museum officials to cover up naked statues but the gesture was appreciated.

This is a true testimony for Christians, church leaders and pastors to stand on their faith and portray the name of the Lord Jesus Christ wherever they go, they shouldn’t compromise their faith.

Many people who profess to be Christians are denying Christ daily. The main reason for the denial is that people would rather cherish their life here on earth more than our future life in Heaven. When you deny God you are showing cowardice. You will be afraid to do things because you’re a Christian.


Written by TCE Global News