Our vision

Evangelist Alex Osei Bonsu

Evangelist Alex Osei Bonsu

Our vision is to enlighten people through our news.

Our mission is simple: to spread the word, the gospel to the dying world. The Bible commission s us to let people know about the love of God.

It is no secret that we live in a world where we are constantly hearing g or reading negative news and bad press. With so many atrocities and uncertainties occurring every moment of every day, it has become difficult to see a way out.

As an organisation, The Christian Eye aims to bring back hope and salvation through an understanding of reality that is today’s society and let people know that God loves them. Through stories which speak nothing but the truth and salvation, The Christian Eye promotes positivity and growth in understanding that God is in control.

Brief History

THE CHRISTIAN EYE organisation was founded many years ago by Alex Osei Bonsu  who spent his childhood in The Church of Pentecost Witness Movement Ashanti Ghana.

They have grown tired of the way satan is winning souls at this end time and want to expose the lies and the secrets hidden in the darkness. As a result, they took matters into their own hands by establishing this organisation. When initiated, The Christian Eye was established only in Ghana and it became popular. But due to circumstances, it had to be disbanded.

However due to the increased suffering of people through new mediums such as the internet, and young children being able to access anything at anytime and anywhere, the duo decided to regenerate the paper as a way of reaching out to the lost. With this new energy, the organisation quickly gained members through small, organised neighbourhood churches and crusades. Over the years, the involvement has grown, resulting in what it is today: a movement filled with passion and drive to help, encourage and empower the lost, no matter who you are or where you come from.
We are happy and proud to be making a difference, and only with your support will we spread further.