Something you don’t expect at night while walking back to your moored boat is an obstruction of a broken dock TWICE, but as found out, these things are possible!

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went down to the boat to clean it before the visitors coming the next day and the pathway that connects the boat to the dock had fallen in the water.”

These words are from a sailor I met down at Marina International in Torrevieja, Spain. Talking to Marcus he was stunned at the site of the dock in the water.

He said: “It wasn’t that but I had to move my boat which was a nightmare.”

After spending some time with him, it was amazing to see at just how well he handled the situation. Most people would probably panic, but although he went through some trouble he called the experience quite “funny”.

“So after seeing that the dock had collapsed I moved my boat to another spot.

“The next day my visitors arrived. I took them down there as that was their home for their holiday, and that dock had collapsed too. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

What I found astounding was just how relaxed the Spanish attitude is. I spoke to the Marina crew and asked them about health and safety and when they were planning on fixing it.

“It only happened two days ago, and there is nothing we can do about getting across at the moment,” the crew told me.

The Spanish way of life is very different to the British. Nobody seems to be in a rush and they take life as it comes. They ‘go with the flow’ it can be said.

Marcus continued: “However I had to move the boat once again while ensuring my visitors were happy.

“Everyone couldn’t stop laughing so I that certainly made it a story to be told.

“The marina accommodated me and my visitors and moved me to the front of the marina so I’m now in a fantastic location opposite the bars and restaurants. My friends are very happy and still can’t stop talking about what happened.”

At one point, Marcus wondered whether the docks were the issue or whether it was his fault and his boat was cursing the luck of them.

“It was so funny. After speaking to the staff here they joked with me about my boat.

“It’s definitely not my doing!”

Many people may find a circumstance like this very stressful indeed, but he dealt and cooperated with the situation so everyone remained calm. God knows and understands that life may challenge us at the best of times, but it’s how we choose to see it.

How we perceive a situation, whether as bad or good, can have a huge impact on the consequences and outcome of such an event.

By staying relaxed we can benefit from the situation and come out on the better side, and like in this place, in a better place than where started off!