A new season approaches, a new wardrobe arises. Most people know how to dress in the summer and the winter. However, autumn is one of those months where you can feel like you are in the summer and the winter throughout different periods of the day. Wear the right colours and coats and you will breeze through autumn fashion with all the pretty leaves.

It may sound bizarre but you should take inspiration from the nature around you when dressing yourself. Especially in the autumn, the colours of the leaves are most often the colours that are on trend! In both autumn and winter it is the coat that makes the outfit. Tones of the leaves including red, dark purple and beige tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing for the torso matched with darker tones for the legs.

For women, if you wish to stand out a little more and be within the trends, a fur hooded cape coat and a long black fitted bodycon midi-skirt flaunts sophistication. A white double breasted pea coat can make for a fabulous outfit joined with dark blue jeans and black suede knee high boots.

For men, a blue (fake!) sheep lined denim jacket looks excellent in the autumn, it has the summer feel of the denim whilst the warmth and winter visual of the fur, together adding to the perfect autumn jacket. Put together with a plain white short sleeved shirt; black jeans and heeled black leather boots boasts the perfect autumn outfit! If you want to look a little more sophisticated swap the denim jacket for a beige trench coat.