Watching a film can really enable someone to learn about life’s precious lessons, and one very funny film touched my heart and soul not so long ago…

Bruce Almighty: what a fantastic film that really teaches a person that it all starts from within. If we ask for what we want we will get the answer and all of this can be done through the act of praying.

God in the film enters Bruce Almighty’s life to open up his eyes. He became very narrow-minded and didn’t even know who he was or what actually mattered. His priorities were a little all over the place, and so God taught him that if we want to make a difference in the world, without going against free will we need to believe in what we truly want.

It can be very difficult to know what we want and sometimes it can take people many years to figure it out. But by us being the miracle every single day, seeing someone in need and stopping to help or taking that extra step to say thank you and say sorry to those you previously harmed, you are already making a huge difference.

Undoubtedly, we cannot all have what we want but we need to believe that God knows what is right for us. Bruce Almighty teaches us the grace that abounds us in our lives when we have an open heart. Miracles can happen and we all have the opportunity to our silver lining.

The protagonist’s selfishness only led him down the cinematic, toxic path and before he had a chance to mend things, he had posed so much pain onto other people. However, by reaching out and listening to the words of our Lord he was able to restore hope and embark on a spiritual journey for the better.

By watching this film you can see that by using our gifts we can serve others and genuinely bring love and positive energy to the people around us. It is likely that any person can relate to Bruce Almighty, but what I did find was that as I am now older watching it compared to being a teenager, I see it with different eyes. I have picked up new elements to the story’s teachings that I was blind to before because of individual growth.

All of us go through amazing changes and chapters to get to where we need to be and we shouldn’t regret any of it. Humans commit sins and of course, no one is perfect. But we can say sorry to God and let all of that go and our prayers will be answered if we just believe.

Don’t look anywhere else except for within yourself. If you need an answer then just ask. God is listening.