Bishop of Manchester steps up and disagrees with a reality TV programme that is about marrying for a ‘scientific experiment’.

A Bishop has criticised a TV vicar over his new reality programme where complete strangers marry one another and decide whether to divorce or not just five weeks later.

The Bishop of Manchester, Rt Revd David Walker, doesn’t agree with Revd Nick Devenish, the vicar who is starring in the show who comes from the Church of St Mary and St Michael in Cumbria.

The show is called Married at First Sight and features a panel of experts, two anthropologists and a psychologist.

Bishop Walker says that a Church of England vicar should not appear on a show that demonstrates “inappropriate and seedy behaviour”, as it isn’t what God would want.

Adopting a scientific element to a TV reality show really shuns the success rate of marriages. It makes it appear that an experiment needs to take place in order for it to work, when in fact love in marriage grows and blossoms naturally.

The vicar is a clergyman and he has the right to do what he believes is right so nobody can tell him otherwise.

Is science really the way to match couples up for marriage? And how can these people know if they are ready for divorce just after five weeks, when marriages need time to be fixed and rectified, not just given up on at the first hurdle.

Of course there are many things couples can learn from Bishops who are trying to be an example to several generations, but whether this format is liked among the public remains unknown.

Vicar Devenish says: “I do not have any regrets. The Church does want to be part of people’s lives; we need to move ourselves to where the people are.”

But the fact that broadcasters are experimenting in this way with real people and in real lives can appear as unfair. The couples are only meeting each other on their wedding day, and are paired up using questionnaires and DNA testing.

Psalm 111:3 in the Bible says: “Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them.”

Breaking this verse down God is saying that what is and what we have is because of our Lord and all that stems from this with knowledge and understanding comes from those who studies the Bible and the works of God.

This means that humans shouldn’t be deceiving nature and what the Lord has set out for each and every one of us, not even science should intervene with this process.

Too often TV programmes try to put a spin on certain events and play with people’s lives and it has a serious effect on their health and wellbeing.

The response rate will be the greatest outcome for the show Married at First Sight and just how long it can stand the test of time.