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2803, 2017

What are they teaching our Children? – event held by the Voice For Justice, UK.

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“My little children let us not love in word neither in tongue but in deed and in truth” – I.John 3.18

Baroness Caroline Cox

Member of the House of Lords:

She highlighted at the event, the importance of teaching our Christian heritage:

Spiritual – we have been blessed to be living in a country that is identified as a […]

2003, 2017

Disruption of a Church service: a must watch!

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1503, 2017

The hidden crying people of North Korea

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Recent events in the Arab World and across the world have affected many of us. As believers, our hearts should break for what breaks Jesus’ heart, and we mourn with those who mourn. But as we do, keeping our eyes on Jesus by praying and staying in God’s Word, we can find hope for the […]

103, 2017

Live your life in balance & attend a significant education conference

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In November last year, following several complaints of unacceptable Muslim bias and deliberate marginalisation of Christianity by its Muslim Head of Religion and Ethics, Aaqil Ahmed from the BBC said that it was dismissing both the role of Head and the department of religion, bringing all religious coverage under the responsibility of former Labour MP […]

1702, 2017

Ben Shapiro speaks up about Transgenderism

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The psychological issues surrounding ‘transgenderism’ is a growing problem in modern-day society. Not only do a lot of people disagree on the topic, but it causes social hatred among different groups of people who have conflicting views on the subject, which is resulting in serious levels of distress, confusion and depression.

Ben Shapiro – an American […]

1402, 2017

Have faith and believe that your dreams can come true

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“Digging deeper than what the surface offers.”
There have been many times when I looked around me and all I witnessed was people being driven by money and the increase in economic growth. In China, for example, more and more people are now letting go of the idea of increasing the country’s GDP and many now […]

702, 2017

Refugee children and their psychology

By |February 7th, 2017|Loneliness, Most Read, News, Sociology, World Crisis, World News|0 Comments

The refugee crisis is only worsening, which makes me wonder how a lot of us can sleep at night.
As a human race, surely we need to stick together to help one another – empathise as though it is us that have to endure the long, sleepless nights and abundances of pain with heaps of uncertainty.

Refugee […]