Former Archbishop of Canterbury backs a charity petition to provide a safe place for Christians who are fleeing Syria.

As the problems in Syria worsen, church leaders get frustrated as the UK denies refuge to Christians fleeing Isil.

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, is backing a petition calling on the government to provide a safe haven for the Christian community.

The location where Christians are fleeing is jihadi tyranny in Syria, and the help has never been needed so much before.

Leaders in church feel that the Prime Minister is shunning away from the issue.

They also believe that David Cameron is “turning his back” and not addressing the Christian problem as much as he ought to.

These innocent people are facing genocide, without any justice at all, just because the UK is failing to offer them refuge.

A petition has been launched to “welcome Christian refugees and give them priority as asylum seekers”.

However, many Christian families continue to be smuggled out of Syria to Beirut and sometimes flown to Poland where they receive refuge there.

Many of these Christians are being butchered, enslaved and tortured in Sytia and Iraq and the UK is doing nothing about it.

Lord Carey said: “We need the British Government to work with charities like the Barnabas Fund and others to evacuate those who are in desperate fear of their lives.”

It isn’t just UK that are letting these people down. Undergone research shows how many European governments are failing in their duties to provide support and help for these Christians in need.

The Christian community in these countries are facing a threatening time to their survival, to their mental wellbeing and to their entire family also. Christian people living the UK really do need to raise awareness and spread the message of God to help our neighbours.

Persecuting Christians purely for their faith is an immoral act in the eye of the Lord and so He will help to encourage a positive silver lining for these people.

Since the conflict begun over half a million Christians out of two million have fled, scared for their life.

What is a sigh of relief and hopeful for these people is, many British citizens have been in contact with aiding charities to let them know that they have a spare room available, or even a second home, to welcome Syrian and Iraqi Christians.

Canon Andrew White, the former vicar of the only Anglican Church in Iraq, said: “I really think it is horrendous that the British have not offered refuge to these Christian refugees.”

Under the British government no preference to help these people who are physically, emotionally and mentally hurt, and no action has yet been taken to improve the situation.

Desperately these people are crying out for help, so please be with these people, in your thoughts and pray for peace and an end to this disastrous conflict.