A representative from a Satanist Temple, called David Suhor, got invited to give an invocation at a city council meeting in Pensacola, America, where Christians were found chanting.

The Christian protestors were chanting loud and clear and that is when the Satanist clashed with the noise and asked for silence. Every time the Satanist tried to speak the protestors drowned him.

However, shortly afterwards the President called the meeting into order and asked people to stay quiet so the Satanist could give his invocation. Eventually the protestors agreed.

It has been found that this sort of act happens frequently. Christians will be chanting in a public place and protesting against disorders in their communities, and a Satanist comes along and shuts it down. It is an effort to ban prayers in public places, dismissing the freedom of religion at all measures.

The Satanist said out loud: “let us stand now, unbowed and unfettered…” and much more.

There has been a huge response to this on social media. One person said in favour of the Satanist: “This is America. Founded on what you believe is your right as long as it doesn’t infringe on others. The only breakers of this pact were the Christians in the room. We are not a Christian country. We are an all are welcome country”

However, another person saw that the Satanist represents the Devil and the Devil is scared of God, so he was scared of the Christian people chanting: “That Satanist was scared of what was going on in that room that’s why he asked him to shut up God is great and God is powerful and God will have the last word the Devil is scared of God and so was that Satanist.”

On a positive note, another person said: “All you christians out there. Don’t be discouraged. The Bible foretold that these things will happen. In the end everyone will see who was in power. Until that time comes just pray in love for everyone around you regardless who they are because that is what Jesus would have done!”

And Amen to that.

Keep your heads held high and pray for those Christians who are standing up for Our Rights.


Written by Gemma Smith