Just when we think the ‘gay cake’ case had come to an end, it may have just got a little bit worse.

The appeal by a Christian-run bakery, Ashers Bakery, has been adjourned for three months after being accused of being discriminative to a client’s wishes.

It was announced that the bakery were forced to pay £500 for refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan on it, but the bakery was only following their own individual morals as a Christian. Pronouncing or encouraging gay-marriage as right and okay is forbidden in the eyes of our Lord.

The Bible says in Leviticus 18:22: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

Customer Gareth Lee was backed in Belfast court by the Northern Ireland Equality Commission, saying he had been discriminated against for his sexual orientation. They paid him £39,000 in legal fees.

The owners of the Ashers bakery, the McArthur family, have appealed the decision with financial backing from the Christian Institute.

But the case has just been adjourned as a last-minute Attorney requested to make a representation; saying there are issues around conflict of equality legislation and European human rights laws.

Lets hope that the outcome for the Ashers is one that is loved and respected, and of course, coherent with the notions and beliefs of Christianity and Our Faith.