On Monday, the 26th of August 2015, 19 police officers were killed brutally in Kailali district located in Western Nepal in a clash with the demonstrators against a proposed new constitution. Thousands of protesters surrounded the police and attacked with axes, spears and bricks and the Senior Superintendent of police – Laxman Neupane was burnt to death. Many other policemen were wounded and are still admitted in hospital. Prior to this violent protest, on Sunday the 25th of August, a new national constitution was presented in the Nepal parliament with the aim of restructuring Nepal as a federal state made up of seven provinces. As a result, the riot burst with the initiation from the protesters who argue that the new borders will discriminate against historically marginalised communities. The violent protest started as the members of ‘Tharu’ ethnic minority demonstrated to demand a separate province for themselves.

The plans for this new national constitution dates from 2008 which was a couple of years after the the end of the 10 year long Maoist revolt that left a trail of 16,000 deaths of civilians ultimately bringing the 240 year old Hindu monarchy to its knees.

God’s message and prayer:
When Jesus went to visit Mary and Martha, Martha was working in the kitchen for Jesus, but Mary was sitting at His feet. Jesus said Mary had chosen the “better part.” It wasn’t that Martha was doing unnecessary things. In fact, Martha was doing good things. She had chosen a “good” part, but Mary had chosen the better part. To Mary, sitting at Jesus’ feet was the most valuable investment of her time, and no other activities, no matter how positive, could rob her of that time with Him. Mary had chosen the better part, and Jesus wasn’t going to take that from her (see Luke 10:42, NIV). But there is someone who would like nothing more than to strip that “better part” out of your life. It is the delight in the presence of the Lord that the enemy seems to target most of all. The devil doesn’t mind if you spin your wheels twenty-four hours a day working for God as long as he can keep you so busy that you never stop to draw near to God. The devil knows the greatest secret of ministry: fruitfulness is the result of intimacy. As the bride of Christ, we may work for Him and do things for Him, but until there is intimacy there will be little fruit. I know you’re busy today and I’m sure you’re doing a lot of good things, but be careful that you don’t sacrifice the best on the altar of the good. Make sure that you enjoy the best and most important part of life today – intimacy with Jesus.

The nation of Nepal is going on in problems.Ony through intimacy with God and praying together, we can fix the ongoing problems and loss of lives.Please pray that people of the nation taste the love of Jesus and for all the bonds of violence be broken by the peace of the Holy Spirit.

Heavenly father,

Thank you for the nation of Nepal you have given to us.Please give us the grace to restore the nation for your glory. Lord Jesus send your peace to this nation.
In Jesus name,


-Pastor Enoch(The Founder,Gospel missionary torch.)