Disgusting footage has been found online of a dog being pinned up in the crucifixion position while horrible people throw objects at it ruthlessly. This has triggered outrage by the public and so it should. It is inhumane and almost heartbreaking to witness such outrageous human behaviour. The culprits need to be found.

The video got shared online on Facebook and distributed around WhatsApp, and shows the poor animal crying as it try’s to avoid the missiles hitting it’s face. Those throwing the object do nothing but laugh – TCE really hope the devil punishes these evil beings for bringing such horrific pain on another living creature. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Shoes, flip flops and what appears to be a cigarette butts are all flung at the dog. Please, if anyone has any information, get in contact NOW to bring justice to this poor, helpless dog. Email me: gemma@tceglobalnews.com

Please visit the below website to watch the video, but be warned: the footage may be very upsetting:



Source: Daily Mail

Written by Gemma Smith