A Nigerian woman has been accused of selling human parts as fried meat in Accra, Ghana, in a market to people who have no inclination. This is not only disgusting but completely inhumane!

She attracted attention at the Adabraka Market in Ghana, and traders that had their suspicions took her to the local police station to get questioned.

The woman is half Nigerian and half Ghanian and is aged 60-years-old.

She believes that she was spiritually connected to sell meat through her pastor, in a way, she claimed herself to be brainwashed. People were curious of these claims, which soon led to the Crime Investigation Department getting involved.


Onlookers have told investigators that whenever potential customers asked what the meat was, she refused to talk and steered clear from the question – showing a huge sign of guilt.

However, as always, the truth shall come out and through patience, the   act of justice shall rise up.

It WAS human meat that the lady has been selling, and she has confessed that she believed it to be linked to her pastor, and it was her sole duty to sell this sort of ‘meat’.

God please protect our African brothers and sisters, and our communities worldwide from people like this, who are selling one another for food, through lies and an inhumane mind-frame. Our Lord shall be with us.

Written by Gemma Smith