One may ask, ‘what happened to religious freedom?’ But are we too far gone, or is there still hope?

Prime Minister David Cameron is working on reducing ‘non-violent extremism’ but an atheist commentator fears that this will spark a freedom of speech debate.

The government has made it clear in his recent speeches to tackle those who promote “other parts of the extremist narrative”.

Trying to cut down on speeches and debates may increase anger among societies, as many rebel once a ruling is put into place and/or government discussion is open.

‘Non-violent extremism’ may be considered in many forms, even by Christians who do not wish to obey to same-sex marriage requests. Could this unclear statement potentially cause more harm than good?

Mr Cameron believes that by subscribing to certain “intolerant ideas” this could lead to that idea climaxing, meaning “extremists can flourish”.

As much as the government is trying to reduce crime and stop the extremists from causing any trouble, having a blurred distinction between ideas and statements can just erupt a protest very easily.

He also says: “ideas, which are hostile to basic liberal values such as democracy, freedom and sexual equality”, meaning this definition may be frowned upon by the government, as it ‘may’ fit under the ‘non-violent extremism’ category.

People really do need to be careful now not to say or preach an extremist idea. The difference between violent and non-violent extremism may jeopardise freedom.

Policing and persecuting people over their thoughts, ideas and words may be taking it a little too far, despite the government appearing to protect it’s people.

This also highlights how Christians and even non-religious people who oppose same-sex marriage may continue to be caught and served consequences, despite their internal, core beliefs.

The Christian Institute has said on their website that these “measures could damage free speech”.

And they might just be right. Don’t just sit quietly…together we can make a difference in the world and it all starts with faith.