The Former Education Secretary has proposed a new bill on religious education angering The Christian Institute.

The Christian Institute strongly disagrees with a raft of proposals that has been set out by Charles Clarke, former Education Secretary.

Policies focus on religious education but members of the Christian community say that these could “wreck church schools” and secularise the education system to a worrying degree.

Students and humanity more broadly are coming further and further away from religion, meaning people are far away from God, spirituality and their inner-self (probably the most important part of any human being).

The system is designed to take people away from this side of our self, as it’s the most powerful part of our consciousness.

Anything is possible when we are in tune with our thoughts, and control our life wishing for what we want to happen.

Our thoughts become our reality and people at the top are aware of this, not wanting the public to have this awareness to keep people in the same place.

In religious education now the plans include an increase in the teachings of humanism, atheism and even Marxism; encouraging capitalism and the working-class system.

The government is seizing the control over the educational practices in RE, injecting new teachings, which are not favoured by the masses (according to the 2011 Census).

Mr Clarke has co-authored a report called ‘A New Settlement: Religion and Belief in Schools’. The report highlights the following areas as a call for change:

 Getting rid of the law on daily Christian assemblies in schools
 A new religious education syllabus that aligns with “representatives of religions, humanism and other belief systems”
 The government to intervene and ensure that all schools (private and public) adopt the new syllabus
 Terminating parents right to withdraw children from the new proposed religious education system
 The stopping of all Christian Unions and Christian ethos companies/organisations from having their influence of instruction on a school day
 Tightened inspection regime for all schools, including Christian schools
 Review current situations on Christian teachers who pose their effects and ideologies upon students

The proposals laid out in this report carry a huge threat to the face and future of Christianity and Christians need to stand up NOW before it’s too late.

Many may say that it is too far-gone and the UK is no longer Christian, but Christianity is Britain’s root; it’s where we belong.

Being faithful and praying is not a bad thing and all the teachings are positive. It puts the hope back into people’s lives, so why is it that the government and the former Education Secretary trying to decrease this?

It seems as though they are encouraging more technology, more robotic forms of life, which is making students unable to communicate and compassionately love one another as much as they used to; not knowing how to anymore.

Human connectivity is being destroyed and it’s time this changed before any change no longer makes a difference.

Colin Hart, The Director of The Christian Institute, says: “The focus in the press has been the call to scrap Christian assemblies, but the proposals are much more wide-ranging. Read the small print and you discover that church schools would in effect be stripped of their ethos, losing control over their religious teaching and staff appointments.
“Absurd plans to have a law against religious “instruction” would mean stopping any promotion of Christianity in any school. It would plunge teachers running Christian Unions into fear and confusion.
“I am amazed that Charles Clarke has put his name to this report. The plans radically secularise our education system. They would wreck church schools and make them widely open to legal action from secular campaign groups like the British Humanist Association.”

Written by Gemma Smith