One may ask, ‘what happened to religious freedom?’ But are we too far gone, or is there still hope?

It is wrong to force private individuals and organisations into situations and associations they find offensive?

An expert on the American Constitution has asked the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling: “Whatever happened to religious freedom?”

It wasn’t long ago that bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein had to pay a lesbian couple $135,000 for ‘emotional damages’ because the Kleins refused to bake a cake for the couples wedding.

They declined this order because of their religious beliefs, but were prosecuted in court due to their decision.

Dr Roger Pilon, a professor of government who teaches at Georgetown University in Washington D.C, believes that this exercise of religious persecution is unjust.

In rulings at court, Dr Pilon has noted the lack of religious supporters who wish to encourage freedom in ethnic teaching and diversity. Beliefs are being pushed aside and Christians are being punished, which is having an international effect as these norms are spreading.

Many other cases have arisen in court where Christians have refused to provide services for same-sex couples but have been punished for doing so.

Dr Pilon says: “How did we get to this point?

“Freedom of association – the simple idea that people are free to associate, or not, as they wish – certainly isn’t what it once was.”

What is worrying, however, is just how these circumstances will unfold in the future. It cannot possibly worsen so people need to start accepting people’s freedom of choice.

Stigma is a huge problem now for Christian people, who are trying to follow their faith and act accordingly, but governments all over the world are failing to be fair toward people.

It is a new era; an era of change and so change should be embraced. More and more people are exposing their Christian beliefs and this should continue to be encouraged. Bringing people closer to God isn’t a bad thing, it is a positive step of bringing people closer to their souls, to rid sins and become better individuals.

Written by Gemma Smith