My name is Kiandre and I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, not New Mexico…the real Las Vegas, and so is my husband Chris. We have been married for a little over a year now. I used to DREAD “the question”, that innocent conversation starter: “So, how did you guys meet?” that question used to make me cringe.

Sometimes my response would literally be “it’s no romantic story” or just short and sweet like, “he saw me walking and pulled over to talk to me”, but the truth is, he was a pimp and l was a prostitute and it was strictly business.

My husband brought me to The Wynn/Encore Hotel and Casino to visit some family in town. Initially l had anxiety and flashbacks of being there, and my old life haunts me when l visit certain places. Remembering and seeing myself walking through these halls, sitting bars, soliciting myself to men for money.

My husband encouraged me that l am a new creation that is under the blood of Jesus. As we walked, l saw an opportunity for a photo shoot “aye!” So he snapped a picture on the right but when l looked at it, God brought the picture on the left. The picture l had was from a tourist while l was working in that same casino a year before. And the Holy Spirit said, “look what l have done, look at you now, look how far you have come!

“You are beautiful and mighty child of God”, and that just broke me down to tears. People walking past assumed l lost something, and within that moment l saw everything God had done for me so far.

People may have looked at my pictures and saw a change in wardrobe but they needed to look harder; God had turned me around! He changed my life! I’m no longer that girl searching for my place and yearning to feel appreciated while making my life harder than it needed to be.

During stormy times of weaknesses and strengths, l was serving the devil and thinking that God knew my heart, knowing l should have been dead so many times. I literally submitted to the will of the devil and it’s plans for my life, and I was selling myself to men and buying the affections for Chris with the money l received.

He was in the strip clubs almost every night trying to win the attention of other woman who were like me, so he could convince them that giving him their money was the best thing they could ever do after selling themselves to men. He was abusive, manipulative, cunning and the list goes on.

Somehow, l was in denial, insecure, depressed and greedy. We both drank heavily and l was addicted to cocaine and similar drugs. I did it all; escort services, webcam and out of state trips. The only thing l didn’t do was strip, and this wasn’t because I didn’t try to, but by then l had already had several court convictions for soliciting prostitution and no strip club could hire me in Las Vegas with that on my record.

My husband was an alcoholic, he was abusive, controlling, manipulative, a player that worshiped the lifestyle and glorified it. We had a love for money that blinded us also, the lifestyle made monsters out of us!

After sometime we started recruiting other woman to be the same and we showed other men how to be a pimp too. Looking back at our lives now, we have realised how awful we were, how far off from purity, knowing deep down inside we could be different but we couldn’t have done it without God and so, we decided to follow Christ.

I married an “ex-pimp” and looking at him now, I can’t believe he’s so NEW! He loves the Lord and loves His word. He loves keeping and obeying His demands by his side and learning more about Him every day.

My husband changed because he had an encounter with God and it literally changed his life. We are so “taboo” as the world would say, “you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife” but how the devil is a liar! God did it to me!

I was out there not caring about anything and now l am a submissive wife and follower of Jesus Christ who is truly unashamed and in love with the word of the Lord. I believe with my entire being that God is real and that He is waiting for us all to choose Him, and so I choose up! And l have an unbelievably incredible life today, to God be the Glory, my Saviour.

Written by Will Fonch from the War against porn