Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis church, has applied for a license to offer same-sex “marriages” in his church.

If his application is successful, Oasis Church, in Waterloo, London, will become the most high-profile church to offer same-sex “marriages” in the U.K.

Steve Chalke is also hosting an “Open Church” conference next month, featuring speakers such as General Synod member Canon Andrew Cain, who defied the Church of England and married his same-sex partner in 2014.

Open Church Charter

Steve Chalke revealed the news whilst launching a new charter where churches can sign up promising they will be inclusive of individuals who identify as LGBT.

Supported by pressure group Stonewall, his “Open Church Charter” includes a commitment to provide same-sex “marriages” “within the scope of current British law.”

Steve Chalke claims that the overwhelming majority of churches will agree to the charter.

‘Reached the Decision’

Speaking to Premier radio, he said: “Oasis Church in Waterloo has reached the decision, it’s taken us some time to reach it, that this is something we want to do.

“We’re registering at the moment and we will be able to do this.”

He then claimed: “This is not because we’re liberal, it’s not because we’re light on the Bible, it’s because we take the Bible very seriously.

“We want to move away from an over-simplistic, over-literalistic, immature understanding over biblical texts that dumps many but keeps the ones we want.”

Steve Chalke’s move to promote the LGBT agenda is another step in his departure from orthodoxy, since his rejection of penal substitutionary atonement in 2004.

Oasis Trust was expelled from the Evangelical Alliance in 2014 for its position on same-sex “marriage.”

God’s Pattern for Marriage Upheld Throughout Scripture

Christian Concern’s Chief Executive Andrea Williams refuted Chalke’s claims, saying:

“This is direct disobedience to the Word of God. God’s ordinance for marriage is clearly set out in Genesis when He created man and woman, and this pattern is upheld throughout Scripture.

“Far from being simplistic or immature, God’s pattern beautifully reflects the love of Christ for His bride, the church. The complementary nature of marriage between man and woman echoes the unity and the mystery of the Triune God. It promotes the flourishing of families and therefore of society.

“The Bible is clear that same-sex relations, and indeed any sexual relationship outside the covenant of this one-man-one-woman marriage, is sinful.

“Yet we are seeing increasing capitulation to demands to be ‘inclusive’ at the expense of truth. The gospel is for all, but we cannot continue to water it down to satisfy those who are uncomfortable with its message. What does that do but reflect secular culture?

“It is only by true counter-culture and submission to the will of God that disciples are made and the lost saved.”

Chalke to Host Conference Promoting LGBT Agenda

Next month, Steve Chalke will continue to promote the LGBT agenda by hosting a two-day conference about “inclusive church.”

The conference will discuss how churches can “embrace LGBT inclusion” and will feature prominent speakers and contributors including Stonewall’s CEO, Ruth Hunt, and Canon Mark Oakley of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Jayne Ozanne and Canon Andrew Cain.

In 2014, Andrew Cain married his same-sex partner Stephen Foreshew, disobeying the Church of England’s teaching.

Rev. Cain, of North London, received no discipline for this and was even last autumn elected as a member of the General Synod.

At the time of his election, Andrea Williams commented:

“Last year, Andrew Cain ignored biblical teaching and the clear instruction of the House of Bishops and entered into a same-sex ‘marriage.’

“Andrew Cain’s ongoing activism should no longer be tolerated. His actions are designed to undermine the Church and her teaching on marriage. His election to General Synod cannot be allowed to stand and he should be swiftly removed from church leadership.”

Why are we allowing false teachers to spread lies throughout Christianity? Why aren’t more people standing up? The church of Jesus Christ is married to the world. Does that bother you at all? We must defend the faith!

False prophets spread the evil prosperity gospel because of their greed. Buy this holy cloth for 19.99 and God will give you a huge financial blessing.

False preachers say things like Hell is not real, Jesus is not God, I can’t judge, you can be Christian and live in rebellion.

These preachers never preach on sin because they don’t want to offend anyone. They twist the Bible to justify sin.

Clear teachings in the Bible they throw away. They are proud and conceited people. They are on Rolling Stone Magazine because the world loves them. Awesome!

A Christian who doesn’t do what Christians are supposed to do. Many are just motivational speakers. They only talk about love and your best life now. Who’s going to talk about the severity of God?


Written by TCE Global News