Society needs to know the truth and the truth will set us free. Some people are brave enough to speak up, but does this pose serious consequences or should more of us be doing this?

Michael Sam is a good player and he has used his sexuality as a way of manipulating his way to the forefront of attention.

Homosexuality is often considered as the act of the devil but it does not mean God hates homosexuals, he just dismissing the act.

Many years ago, homosexuals were categorised as mentally ill, but now, the media celebrates people claiming their homosexuality and marking it as lorded and honourable.

Undoubtedly we should love people despite their lifestyle, gender, ethnicity and so on, but these individuals who claim to be homosexual need our prayers. People don’t need to live this way and feel rejected, as most would say, God never created us in this way.

‘A spirit of confusion’ makes a space for people to be set free by God. There is always hope as Pastor Kynan Bridges Official makes clear in his online video on Facebook.

He says that many LGBTI societies have been manipulating people and society to encourage the act of explosion, to be proud and happy with the situation. What needs to be said is that God is against homosexuality and this is made very clear in the Bible:

1 Timothy 1:10 says: The sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else are contrary to sound doctrine.

Many people on social media have been participating in an online discussion and highlighted a very valid point: why have our leaders not spoken out against it? It has now been legalised for people to believe and accept it as part of human rights.

Even the music encourage views that can be considered to lack Godly things and humane influences. Music videos are flooded with negative messages and provocative imagery, brainwashing our society. Why aren’t more people speaking up?

We need to promote goodness, righteousness and all the good things that are, in the eyes of God, moral. Pastors need to talk less about money and more about salvation, because it is society who need saving, before the devil takes over!

Written by Gemma Smith