According to googles definition, intimacy is defined as ‘closeness or attachment’ to a person(s).
“Intimacy to me however is closely related to love”
How many of us have said ‘I love you’ to our Exs? The exs that no longer exists in our lives unfortunately. (Well it’s not unfortunate if we meet somebody else better in the long run) Call our friends ‘family’ because of the close relationship we have them, and how many of us have sisters or brothers that we call ‘our best friend’?
When we are at that stage of fully knowing someone for who they are inside-out, a strong bond is formed and even more so developed stronger. It doesn’t necessarily need to be someone blood related, because we can meet someone who we would naturally develop a close knit friendship/ relationship with at any point in our lives.
                                           A Love like Jesus is
                 no ordinary love
Jesus to me is more than a friend, he is the father who created me in the likeness of his son. A saviour, a healer, my protector and so forth. Jesus comes under many names because his mission on earth is to constantly save us no matter what.
He wants us and already loved us even way before we existed. He loves us knowing that we might not love him back. Therefore it’s a matter choice when it comes down to us spending as much time with him.
The people you spend time with is a reflection of who you are and in this case, I yearn to spend so much time with God because I want him to be my only reflection. When you know who God is and you constantly praise him, your circle changes and you know exactly who he would like you to be around.
David was a man after Gods own heart  (Acts 13:22) because even during the toughest times of his life with the adultery he committed with Bathsheba and the war with Goliath, he still showed compassion and faith to Jesus. Time after time again, he always went back to God with repentance and a character of humbleness. This is what exactly God wants from us in times we are faced with trouble and conflict. He wants you to depend on him in all circumstances.
When you’re close to God you follow everything he says and sometimes it’s not easy because our incarnate nature (flesh) can take over which then makes it harder for the holy spirit to connect with us (Listen to his still voice and wait on him).
Intimacy with God is more than just feeling loved up because he’s blessed us or answered our prayers, it’s the spiritual aspect of things. It’s more about what we can do for him more than what he can do for us.
Jesus doesn’t care about your knowledge of the bible, but he wants you to know what his purpose is on earth so that you can live just as he did. The bible is there for wisdom and a guidance of how we should live our lives as christians. Though anyone can read the whole bible and still not be intimate with him, It’s our faith that he is most pleased with. To fear him. To Obey. To do his will.
We’re not supposed to be close to God because he gives ‘presents’ were supposed to search for his ‘presence’ (Bible app) . The more you seek God, the more he’s going to open your eyes, give wisdom and instruction so that you are not lost.
Our daily bread is our bible, the scriptures we read and meditate. The bible shouldn’t be an ordinary book it should be the book that changes the way you behave and think in your life (romans 12:2). the bible should transform you and your life choices.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1)
A Jesus lifestyle is no comfortable, easy one but it can certainly change it for the better as it has for me.We have the freedom to be intimate with Jesus whether through prayer, fasting or fellowship with other Christians. Then the obedience to God is activated in a much deeper way.
When we know how to love God we will know how to love our neighbours. He is able to break down your walls and release you from the things that are diminishing your faith, if you become vulnerable in his presence.
Humble yourselves before the lord and he will lift you up (James 4:10)
Be intimate with God and know that he has his arms wide open for you. No matter what you’ve done or been through,  he already loves you and his grace will come down upon your life.
Written by Naomi Bonass Kiaku