Despite hatred for another religion being at the forefront of a militants mind, Jesus came to him and converted him in a miracle.

An Islamic State militant said that he enjoyed beheading Christians but converted his beliefs and ways after Jesus came to him in an epiphany.

He reached out to a Christian missionary after a vision came into his mind out of nowhere.

The militant said that he saw dreams of a man dressed in white who called himself Jesus, Gina Fadley, the Director of a Christian Missionary Group in the Middle East tells the story.

ISIS fighter decided to make contact with them after Jesus said: “You are killing my people.” Something changed for him that day and since then, he has stopped beheading the Christian people out there.

God would not want this act of killing, of any killing at all to any of His people, so this story highlights how Jesus saves people that want to be saved.

He lives in all of us it’s those who want help and accept it can change, repent and become pure again. This militant decided to listen and seeked help, something that TCE Global would encourage any person in need to do: speak up because God and Jesus are listening.

This story is similar to Apostle Paul who was called Saul of Tarsus originally. He killed Christians for blasphemy before Jesus went to him in a vision, thus proving once again this conversion is possible.

Before killing a Christian, the militant witnessed the guy pleading for help but said he will give him the Bible. After murdering him, the militant took the Bible and began reading it for himself. He felt that he had been doing the wrong thing.

Exodus 20:13 in the Bible says: “Thou shalt not kill.”

This change from Muslim to Christian is becoming more and more prominent in the Middle East, but this is the first time a militant converting has ever been reported.

Is this a time for hope for these people? Innocent Christians are being beheaded and awareness needs to continuously be raised.

We need to focus on the positives of people coming out the better side of this tragedy, placing energy on it, injecting faith.

Despite the Islamic State movement being pushed forward by extremist beliefs, we cannot stop believing that all of this will come to a stop one day in the future. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of God’s children out there, with the beloved Christian people and other religious, innocent people who are being persecuted unfairly.

This ideological conversion undergone by this ISIS militant may be the way forward to beat this conflict. Let us hope.

By Gemma Smith, Executive and Investigative Journalist for TCE Global