Why do media companies love BAD NEWS so much?

‘Bad news is good news’ they say, as they don’t like to publish anything that doesn’t promote good in this world. They presume that readers love to read the bad news and aren’t interested in anything positive but this is just causing so much fear among our societies. And the situation is only worsening as a continuous realm of negativity is spun across each and every country around the globe.

Me for example, I used to love jumping onboard a plane and jetting off to another country. But now I’m so scared that every time I get on the plane I have flash backs of what people who went through plane crashes recently must have gone through and it terrifies me.

I know this isn’t the right way to think and of course, it is is all sensationalised. They say we’re much safer travelling on a plane than we are in a car these days. But it’s not the point. The media still frightens us as it focuses so much on bad news, every single day.

And that’s why the TCE Global News team is different. We want to make YOU feel good, make you realise that you’re special, worthwhile and so valuable to this world. Each and every one of us has a gift to share and we can never forget that and we can never give up hope that WE CAN make that difference. Even if it is just to one person every single day, you are helping someone who may be going through a terrible time in their life.

So don’t stop believing in the good news and just know that we will do our best to deliver you positive, uplifting and enlightening news stories that will put smiles on your faces. Because you deserve to feel GOOD and happy and we want the best for our readers and for the world we live in!

Written by Gemma Smith