In November last year, following several complaints of unacceptable Muslim bias and deliberate marginalisation of Christianity by its Muslim Head of Religion and Ethics, Aaqil Ahmed from the BBC said that it was dismissing both the role of Head and the department of religion, bringing all religious coverage under the responsibility of former Labour MP James Purnell, the head of radio and education.

On February 25 this year, the BBC announced that it has appointed another Muslim, Fatima Salaria. Fatima will be their new Head of Religious Programming showing that they are executing a policy of Islamic prioritisation, completely against their previous statement and intentions. This is portraying unfair representation of all other religious groups.

Since joining the BBC in 2015, Ms Salaria has commissioned the TV reality show Muslims like Us. It is very similar to Big Brother in nature, for the Muslim people. Abdul Hagg was a part of the show – a Muslim convert, former boxing champion, and a convicted fraudster – and supported banned terror group, Al-Muhajiroun. Adding to this, he was arrested in 2014 in Dover and later charged with plotting to go to Syria to fight with Islamic State after sharing terrorist materials online.

His extremist views and ways have affected society in more than one way. Emotionally and mentally, while injecting fear to those around him.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, do we really want someone who commissions programmes like this as the Head of Religion for the BBC? How can we have trust in their example of fair representations in our media?

There is religious diversity in this country but Christianity remains the established faith of the UK and despite declining church attendance, Christians still make up 59.5% of the population (according to the 2011 censes).

Understanding this percentage, surely the Head of Religion should be of a Christian faith? Or at the very least, as advocated by Conservative MP Bill Cash, the position should rotate between different faiths – including Judaism, Hinduism and Sikkihism, as well as Islam to make it fair and equal.

Please sign this petition today to the RT Hon Karen Bradley MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, asking for urgent investigation into the BBC governance and leadership.

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Written by TCE Global News, information supplied from the Voice for Justice UK.