Christians throughout the world will be marking this Monday 15th February as a day to remember, in light of the courage and religious faith of 21 Coptic Christians who were executed one year ago by ISIS terrorists in Libya.

The churches will come together on the anniversary: Coptic Orthodox Christian Church and Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and other Christian denominations.

A year ago the Christians were held hostage and murdered for no reason other than for their faith in Jesus Christ. The terrorist group then released a video entitled: “A Message Signed With Blood to the Nations of the Cross.”

However, many people in the Western world have become immune to the consistent bloodshed in the Middle East, it’s all too sickening now. As a race we need to focus on peace and movements forward, but this feels almost impossible to do when such brutality and grotesque treatments occurs every single day, to poor, innocent people, the world is a very cruel and heartbreaking place.

Many people are so unaware of the extent of the genocidal campaign against the Christian minority in the Middle East, so this day certainly needs to be remembered sending out our thoughts to all those affected.

Many Christians are enduring daily violence in Libya, Iraq, Syria and anywhere that ISIS prosecutes its murderous campaign against anyone it deems an infidel. So lets remind one another the testimony of time towards out faith, never to give up hope and stand by our word, the word we are so blessed with, the Word of Lord Jesus Christ.

They shall not beat us. Good always beats evil!