Undoubtedly, there is much fury and frustration among the British Christian community as Christians from Britain First patrol the streets in steps into Bury Park, Luton – which s notorious for one of the worst places for terrorism, Islamic hate preachers and ISIS extremists, according to Britain First.

The community in the area that are representing the Christian community and are British citizens are left scared, as the Islamic extremists preach saying its “our country and we will be taking over, watch!”. Britain First say it’s important to be proud to be British, so together we should make a stand. It’s a free country and not one person should feel threatened in an Islamic-run town, full of extreme ideals. Campaigners made it clear to those insulting them that it isn’t “their country”, but they backlashed, throwing objects at them and attacking them verbally with abuse language, words such as “slappers” and swear words were being said.

Women campaigners from Britain First were being accused of being slutty wearing hardly any clothing, and the men said “you should cover up like our women, it’s disgusting”. People on the camera in the online video were saying “if we were holding a Muslim symbol you wouldn’t be saying anything, but because we’re holding a cross you are nasty, threatening us”. However, Britain First patrollers stood their ground and said “the cross will prevail” but the activists continuously got attacked, ganged up on and received an abundance of unmoral abuse.

According to online sources, Bury Park is “perhaps one of the worst hotspots in the whole country for Islamists. Is this the future for Britain? NO IT’S NOT, because we shall stick together. Some women hide abuse under their clothing, ashamed and scared of their community. Not any human being should have to endure such anxiety and disgraceful treatment, feeling penalised and afraid in their own hometown. We all have every right to be on any street in Britain. So stick together and hold your head up high and follow this website for moral support and to hear about upcoming campaigns against this treatment.


Britain First ended their video saying “we will be back don’t you worry!”.



Watch this horrific video here:


What ‘Britain First’ announced publicly:

Dear fellow patriot,
For the second time in a year, Bedfordshire Police have vowed to seek an injunction that will stop Britain First from entering Luton!
The first such attempt was thrown out in the High Court in London, leaving Bedfordshire Police with egg on their faces.
But, after we exposed that Bury Park in Luton is a “no-go zone” for non-Muslims last Saturday and the video report was viewed by over 25 million people, Bedfordshire Police have promised the “local community” that they will seek a second injunction.
Assistant chief constable Mark Collins of Bedfordshire Police said:
“We are making three commitments, the first being an investigation which will leave no stone unturned, the second is that we will be seeking an injuction to prevent Britain First from returning to Luton and thirdly that no members of the local community will be arrested over the events of last Saturday.”
Can you honestly believe what you are reading?
No members of the “local community” will be arrested, even the ones who shouted racist abuse and who actually attacked some of our activists!
The Muslim bigots of Bury Park have been given free rein to inflict violence and racism on outsiders.
Even if the law has been broken, the Assistant chief constable of Luton police will not arrest you if you are Muslim!
The police are supposed to be impartial but they increasingly acting as the enforcement arm of Muslim sensitivities.
We did NOT expect this and we are totally unprepared for a new legal battle against Bedfordshire Police in the High court.
But, we cannot hide from the fact that we will shortly be in the High Court again fighting for our very existence!
These taxpayer-funded parasites are going to try again to scupper our movement but, like last time, we will fight till our dying breath against them no matter what they throw against us.
They are hoping that you won’t get behind Britain First like last time and that Britain First will be crushed in the High Court, leaving us totally unable to operate any more.
They are hoping that we will be unable to defend ourselves again like last time and then the Muslim bigots of Luton will be able to form a Sharia Law enclave with the help of the police!
If we get banned from Luton, then how long until we’re banned from Birmingham, Manchester, London and so on?
Once again, our very existence is on the line as well as freedom of speech and democracy in our beloved Britain!
Please, please, please chip in to our urgent legal fighting fund and give us the tools we need to fight off this latest attempt to sabotage our movement.
I am so sorry to be appealing for funds again, but I have no choice as leader of this movement because I know this could be the end of Britain First.
I am depending on you to help Britain First in its hour of need against the pro-Islamist bullies and appeasers of Bedfordshire Police.
No wonder the Muslims in Bury Park were happy to shout “We Muslims are taking over!” on the video we put online of our action in Luton – they know the authorities will bend over backside to appease them!
We need to gear ourselves up for this new legal onslaught – with your help we can defeat them once again and strike a blow for our liberty and freedom.
Please click below or ring 0208 914 8212:
Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


Written by Gemma Smith, Sources taken from Britain First

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