NASA has told the Johnson Space Centre Praise and Worship Club that the name Jesus couldn’t appear in an announcement for the daily newsletter, which is distributed normally to all employees at the company.

This discriminating act shouldn’t of been allowed, which is why NASA is now being labelled as “blatantly discriminating” against the Christian religious faith. They said that they didn’t want to publicise the word ‘Jesus’ as they didn’t want to be redeemed as endorsing one religious belief.

Religious freedom should be encouraged and liberation for all faiths – so should a word that associates itself with one religion come into light, the world should embrace and accept that institution/organisation’s decision. Attaching a label is morally and ethically wrong, and not perceived as obeying the Lord’s teachings “thou shalt not judge”.

Senior Counsel for Liberty Institute, Jeremy Dys, has that it’s completely illegal and not right for the US government to censor Jesus’s name in any communications.

“Preventing a religious club’s announcement just because it contains the name of Jesus is blatant religious discrimination. We call on NASA to end their censorship and apologise”, he said.

Rewritten by Gemma Smith