Dear Pastor, and the entire church of God,

Please sign our petition: David Cameron, uphold the UK’s Christian heritage…

The UK is a Christian country, founded on Christian belief.   And yet the right of Christians to affirm and practice our faith publicly is being increasingly restricted.

As long ago as 1215 Magna Carta – possibly the most famous document in the history of the world – set down that God was Sovereign of our nation, and guaranteed for all freedom of belief and of speech. It is this document that has been the foundation for our law.

But now increasingly we see these ancient freedoms eroded, with Christians being forbidden to speak and our faith held in contempt.  Even worse, Christians who dare stand on Biblical belief and quote Scripture are branded hate-filled bigots, while for some it has become a hate crime even to offer to pray for someone!   In this brave new world, we are told that our ‘Christian’ morality is not just out of date but harmful, and our children are being taught they should experiment with their sexuality, gender, and relationships.  Anything goes … and we are not allowed to protest.

The result is unprecedented family breakdown; industrial scale sexual abuse and pedophilia; and soaring rates of mental illness.   In the name of ‘equality and diversity’, our society is destroying itself.

Let us make no mistake, this is not the work of a neutral secular authority seeking to ensure equality of expression for all.   This is an ideological battle, and the aim is to silence us and destroy Christianity.

Don’t let Christ have died in vain.

Sign our petition calling on David Cameron and Her Majesty’s Government to uphold without fear or equivocation the Christian roots and heritage of our nation, and to safeguard freedom of speech and belief.

In Christ’s name,

Revd Lynda Rose (CEO VfJUK) and Evang. Alex Bonsu (TCE Global News)

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