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Save our country, save your children and save their future…before it’s too late

/, News/Save our country, save your children and save their future…before it’s too late

Save our country, save your children and save their future…before it’s too late

What is happening to our children? Why is sexual education being so immorally taught in our schools, sending our children messages that are nothing but intoxicating? It is literally horrifying.

After much research, it has been found that many leaflets that are being distributed around Britain’s schools are sending out scary and worrying sexual persuasions; tarnishing the younger generation’s minds. Saying, “I like you is equal to anal sex” and “it’s your own choice to choose your sexuality”. God teaches that a man and a woman come together in love, to experience life’s wonderful gift and to reproduce leaving behind an admirable legacy.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), said that children aged 0-4 should be given information about masturbation and be given a right to explore their gender identity, whether that be based on a same-sex sexuality or otherwise. Childhood is about fun, enjoyment, laughter, and most importantly, it’s about being a child. Some found objections from Unesco that include teaching children at the age of 9 about sexual stimulation, as well as the definition and function of orgasms, is completely out of childhood context. As well as that, they preach to children at the age of 15 that they can receive pleasure from the same or opposite sex. These manipulated tactics are turning our children into adults, making them grow up too fast which is dangerous and worrying.

Of course, Christianity will not dismiss one’s freedom of choice to be homosexual, but to teach this as a ‘teaching’ in our schools, as a lesson to learn from in life, as a foundation for these children to grow from, abide by and think of as a holy truth – is beyond acceptable. Yet so many of us are blind to these truths, blind of reality and blind to what is really happening…yesterday, tomorrow and today. It’s time that this changed.

It makes us ashamed of our educational system that the decisions made are strategically planned and wrongfully acknowledged by our government. It’s very backwards and our human rights are at the back of their list, despite preaching it as a priority of theirs. It’s a sign of serious corruption that is occurring in front of our eyes.

TCE Global News believes that the government is lying to us and lying to themselves, and even worse, they’re lying to their country, to their nation, to their patriotic heritage that we’re all so proud of being a part of. We need to represent our country by standing up and not letting the deflation of what they call the truth get the better of us. We can make the real truth the forefront because we live by the truth.

A key principle is to stick together to help change the situation, even if we can encourage and influence just one child to think and act against what is being taught…we are making a difference. Even by sharing the message with our friends and family, it all helps. Every positive signal we send out there together is making a big difference to all the wrongdoing happening in our educational system and to our society.

Undoubtedly, we can’t change the world but one thing we know as Christians is that we do possess the power within us, combined with the support of the Almighty Himself, to truly change and improve ourselves for the better. Considering this, the possibility of us honestly making an impact on others by inspiring our brothers and sisters with our true thoughts, we can encourage positive changes within one another. Even if it’s one or two people’s lives every day that we reach out to, just by practicing what we preach as Christians, together we can make a difference for the greater good.

We have to remember the teachings that we were surrounded by while being taught by our parents, as well as what the Bible says is right from wrong. We cannot sit back and accept what is happening. The truth is, what is occurring can be seen as immoral and scarily fragmenting the younger generation that is voiceless and helpless to make a change.

The fact of the matter is children need to be children, which, unfortunately, due to the evolution of current technology it is slowly being undermined. They should not be exposed to obscene material, which has recently become accustomed to our current educational curriculum, being taught such things as how to put a condom on a male and female genitalia at such a young age. It could be considered to be ludicrous and something that TCE News believes that should be addressed, urgently. We believe that children should not be given hand-outs about sexual encounters with other students, informing them of messages to look out for, like, “can I take your shirt off it makes me hot when you touch me” and “is it okay if I take my pants off”. I’m sure you’ll agree with us when we say this but why are they saying this to OUR children? There has been a shift in what really matters for children’s basic needs; it’s far from healthy.

The United Nations has set up a campaign of Healthy, Happy and Hot. It teaches that children that have sexual pleasure through masturbation and children that are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with aids have a right to not disclose their status of being HIV positive. Not only that but they also suggest that if young adults decide to not wear a condom, it is their decision. How is this right? It seems to be that we are not protecting one another anymore and the attitude being projected is doing just that.

We have to remember that countries all over the world are poverty stricken and our fellow Christian communities are suffering, with no fresh water and no access to suffice food to eat and keep them healthy. Unfortunately, the current society that is encompassed around moaning and complaining, they are equally being ignorant to the important messages that should be handed down to our children, in order to provide a positive impact on their future which will result in a brighter future for our country.

From our eyes, people are being treated and manipulated, wrongly, immorally and against God’s wishes and all of the Christian beliefs and teachings that we say we follow and live by on a daily basis. People are being brainwashed into thinking that if they decide to object towards the government’s decisions, they will inevitably be forced to accept what one believes as wholeheartedly wrong. In turn, people are being denied foreign aid and are suffering because of what they truly believe in as it’s frowned upon and non-compliant to the government’s undisclosed objectives.

Their messages are being disguised as human rights objectives, as gender, sexual health, and reproductive solutions, but really it is promoting abortion and obsessive focus on sexual pleasure, instructing our children to explore their readiness to sexual activities when they’re not adequate enough to understand such intimacy of life’s experiences in the first place. Why is this? Why are they encouraging it?

We believe that children are the government’s prospect of future opportunities for themselves. When they are sexualised, they become planned-parented customers (as commonly known as another statistic), dependent on their services. They carefully conceal their strategies as Family Life Education, Team Pregnancy Prevention, HIV Prevention and Abortion Prevention, for example. All within the small print there are destructive details that are being exposed while allowing so many leaflets to be distributed to our children, flooding our schools and all without parental consent. TCE Global News doesn’t agree with these decisions, what are your thoughts?

Informing our children that they can be who they want to be is confusing and can be seen as mental molestation. We believe that it’s confusing children of who they are. How can they possibly grow and become themselves when they’re being encouraged to sexually be involved with others, whether that be a male or female? Sexual freedom is their priority (their being the government and all of the officials that we hold to account), but really the sexual health of our children will suffer.

We need to stand up for our family and for our children. As parents we should accept the power that has been gracefully granted to us by the Lord, to be able to say no. Together, TCE and you have to now (more than ever), stand up and believe in the following, “My family is mine, my children are mine and I will protect what’s mine. I will not let others that know NOTHING about me and my family influence what is mine in the wrong way.”

TCE believes that we need to stop this from entering our country and entering our children’s lives. It is happening on our watch and if we don’t do something about it, it will be all of us that carry that guilt. Men have to rise up and defend their family, as fathers, they have to stand by their word and be strong. Equally speaking, women too, together we have to say in unity as one, “you have no place talking about sexuality to my children, we resist it.” As parents, we will teach it. Who are you to teach my children these messages against God’s wishes?

Please, today, go to and sign the petition to help prevent this from continuing. TCE believes that we have to, TOGETHER as ONE, save our children for their today and for their tomorrow.

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