Christianity in Britain is frantically declining and has been for a very long time now. Church attendance has reached an all-time low and religious balance in our country has fragmented.

As well as that, people’s belief systems in the UK have sparingly changed too, as the traditional British culture is being tarnished by differing opinions and clash of faith.

Phrases such as “God bless” is being dismissed in the political spectrum, and many MPs refuse to take the Bible into account when making important choices for our country. This, of course, is not helping this religious situation and it is worrying to witness.

Something else to consider is the fact that the new Mayor of London is a Muslin, so indirectly, this is encouraging the growth of Islamic faith. His name is Sadiq Khan and wishes to celebrate religious diversity, however, it is hard to believe that an equality can ever be restored.

Most are desperate to bring back the profound country’s faith, the religion that keep our children happy and on the ‘correct path’, the religion that our government and monarchy have claimed to be the proud religion of our country, Christianity. Please come back and stand strong! It’s time Christian people stuck together, spread the messages of the gospel and practiced what is taught to us through the Lord’s Mighty words.

Much research that has been conducted shows a sharp decline in the number of Britons who identify as Christian and a rise in atheism. Staggering figures show that for the first time in this century, Christianity has slipped into a minority position with 44 per cent of the population identifying compared to 48 per cent who don’t follow any religious faith. This is not good news for us, for our children and for the upcoming generations.

A slow death of Christianity is occurring and is only accelerating after decades of decline. People are feeling afraid to expose their faith, feel ashamed to be a Christian and claim it loud and clear. Many wouldn’t even come close to wearing a cross, as the stigma attached to it radiates negative connotations. Extremism is known as a scary outcome when professing a religious faith, when all of these beliefs and ‘hear-say roomers’ are not fact, just stereotypical, immoral judgements.

Turning to God has been seen as a bad thing by many people, as a thing of the past. Yet most happiness, understanding, compassion and inner-peace comes when we turn to God. Accepting that there is something much bigger than ourselves and loving it effortlessly can be said to be one of the most beautiful elements and blessing to a human life.

Labour laws, protection of children from sexual exploitation and the creation of a state that cares for its citizens are all advances we owe to a resurgent 19th century Church. These are the actions that need to be taken, to protect and sustain our humanism and our Church that so desperately needs saving. Traditional society and fundamentals are things to be proud of, so share your faith with others, spread the love and warm messages that are taught to us in the Bible and lets kickstart a legacy that can (potentially) save our country. Let’s see more smiles on people’s faces, more hope and more love among one another. It’s fair to say that whatever is happening at the moment, certainly isn’t working so a positive change is definitely overdue.


A revival won’t happen without action on the part of the faithful. Renew the belief, pushing aside the dangerous and corrupt digital landscape that has many people distracted from happiness, to what truly matters. Failure to do so, extinction of Christianity is the clear consequence.

Written by Gemma Smith