Nature and all of the magnificent gifts our world and planet earth provides us is nothing shy of a blessing. God has given each and every one of us the privilege to enjoy our world’s amazing beauties and below is just an exemplar of this.

A bird – creating his own little nesting home out of our earth’s grass making it comfortable and very, very attractive! This natural wisdom given to all creatures is something for us to remain mindful of, in continuing to appreciate all that is provided to us and for us from our Lord.

Nothing is by chance, it is meant to be for us to enjoy and to embrace this life and all of the living creatures within it. This little architect didn’t attend school, this little creature figured it out himself. Indeed this is an act of God. He is wonderful and nothing compares to Him, to the ‘Higher Self’. Thank you Jesus for being there for all of our creatures, as with this energy and support, nothing is out of bound and the possibilities are endless.

Tiny Faboya on Facebook says: “God’s greatness is made to manifest in nature if you care to look, observe and admire the Designer; God Himself.”

Gratefulness is a blessing. Be grateful for all things living and for all things given to us.

Love. Light. Peace.


Written by Gemma Smith