A sin is an immoral act, most commonly known for being a sin ‘in the eyes of God’. I want to help you survive a fair judgement and avoid the seven deadly sins in the eyes of fashion.
Lust. Everyone has their favourite items of clothing, for most men this may be a particular shirt and for women their ‘safe’ black dress. Lust is an intense desire or need; people need to stop lusting over certain items in their wardrobe. There shouldn’t be a desire to be an outfit-repeater! We must be more creative, love every item in your wardrobe, push forward the items at the back, and banish your intense need to abide by the same items of clothing.

Gluttony: “for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and dowdiness clothes them in rags”. An excess in eating or drinking has obvious consequences upon your body. Realistically, clothes look better on a healthy body. If you look after your body, your clothes will do you many more favours.

Greed. Over compensating a bad outfit with too many accessories is never the way to go. Men, if you feel like your top is a little too boring, a shark-tooth and dog-tag necklace isn’t the way forward. Women, do not cover your arms in bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings all at once, pick a statement piece to avoid looking too ‘busy’. Being greedy with accessories can be the reason for destroying an outfit not making it. Choose wisely and keep them to a minimum.

Laziness. It isn’t easy getting up for work or college, but don’t let your appearance suffer! Organise your outfit the night before, checking for suitability & coordination. This way in the morning you will avoid chucking something together and committing a deadly sin.

Wrath & Envy. It’s very easy to feel jealous or angry towards people that look great. You ask yourself: “why don’t I look like that?!” Instead of feeling this way, be open minded a communicative. Ask them where they purchased their clothes from, take mental notes of items they have put together and try it for yourself. Be inspired neither angry nor jealous.

Pride. Self-esteem is highly important but being too full of pride that you restrict your shopping choices, is a fashion sin. Large clothing brands represent wealth and seemingly good taste. However, being too proud to shop at lower priced/status clothing shops including supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and discount shops like Primark may mean you’re not only missing out on savings but potential great items! Be open minded and you can find some brilliant items, don’t let your pride get in the way.