But are we really ?
I remember saying this so many times and still go ahead and pursue a person whom God said no to. We need to take a step back, evaluate the real reasoning behind this question and really first ask ourselves “do we even enjoy being single?”
Although it would be nice to have someone who we can call our partner, are we satisfied enough in God? Understand that whoever he brings to us is better than who we choose.The desires of our hearts are not always necessarily Gods desires. His plans are always better than our own. We are responsible for picking our spouse but not being led by God is setting us up for a relationship of tragedy.
Make Christ
                   the Centre 
You can pick and choose your spouse, but are they part of Gods plan for our lives? Are they the happy ending to our love story, or are they the tragic car crash leading us to disappointment and hurt?

I know why I’m single and now I am confident to wear the status with pride. I have so much more to learn and grow first on my own, so that I can let God prepare me to be that woman my husband is looking for. On the other hand, we have to remember that our spouse isn’t going to be all made up to our standards, he is going to have weaknesses too like ourselves. Though, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t good for us.

Let Go & 
  Let God

During this season of singleness, Its going to be uncomfortable when you see happy couples but don’t be deceived. You don’t know what’s behind closed doors, and you don’t know the plans for the two people God joined together. Before you assume and have wishful thinking, remind yourself of how beautiful your current season of singleness can be. If it’s not beautiful to you right now, make it be!

There is Beauty in singleness, 
                       When you are Focused on your Goals

Ladies! Don’t waste your singleness scrolling though pages on Insta of women who have been proposed to and then becoming envious. Men! don’t rush into the process of marriage.

The love Story 
 is not yours to Write.
Ladies, there’s nothing wrong with visualising your wedding day. In fact It’s natural to picture the best day of your life, but don’t let your mind slip into the future too much when your feet hasn’t even reached there yet. Let your sight and thoughts be set on Christ. If your desire is to be married, let it be known to God. Pray for your future husband or wife whilst you are still single.
But Seek First 
              the Kingdom 

Instead of explaining it into sentences to explain why I am single, I’m going to list them out for you. I pray it opens up your mind and make you understand that there is a great significance behind singleness.

-Getting to know God at my own pace
-Getting to know myself (Strengths and weaknesses)
-Still developing in ways I haven’t done so yet
-Learning to love myself and value myself
-Being more skilled in certain areas (Cooking etc)
-Riding myself of mental attachment from the past
-Learning to love myself and others better
-Expanding my mind through various activities
-Becoming a success
-Not settle down for any less than what my worth is made for
My motivation right now is 100% self-development in the areas that I lack and just being effective with my time. I waste too much time sleeping and just not even generally being effective with my time. Until I came across this video they presented in church one Sunday (Below). If you’re single right now…this motivational video will take your singleness satisfaction to a whole new level. Even for those who have partners, build the empire that you have with your spouses.
Written by Naomi Bonass Kiaku