Shocking news has emerged – the British Medical Association has recently asked their 160,000 members who work for the hospitals in our country to no longer call pregnant women “mothers” as there are transgender people who are now having babies, too.

This outrageous news comes as a huge surprise. How can we deprive the use of the term “mothers” because other people have decided to change the sex of their body that God granted us?

“Women must not wear men’s clothes and men must not wear women’s clothes. Everyone who does such things is detestable to the Lord your God.” – Deutoronomy 22:5 (CEB)

This represents the purity and innocence of a human attitude but how it has been taken for granted. Many of us are no longer happy the way that God made us, and some believe they have the right to strip that respect away from our Lord by changing and altering the beautiful gift of our given life bodily form. How can this be true? How is this our current reality?

This blurry and meaningless ideal is a scary and worrying phenomenon, so together, should we all believe in the same way as Christians or should we aim to reshape this quest?

Thou shall not break the command of God.

In the Bible this is profoundly considered as “deceitful cheating”, what do you think it is?

The Trade Union and professional body for doctors has issued  official guidelines to all their members , saying that mothers-to-be should be named “pregnant people”, according to a media source.

An official booklet called, “A Guide to Effective Communication: Inclusive Language in the Workplace”, states that this labelling should be in a structure of ‘effective communication’ as they fear of discriminatory language. They plead for “gender neutral” language to dismiss the idea of stereotyping people according to their sex. They strongly urge all to avoid referring to one’s sex in a conversation and to stick to gender-neutral terminologies, only.

Officials all over the country are now asking people in society to consider this quest and to ponder over the ways in which we can all begin adopting this new way of communication in the workplace. They say that by doing so, we are treating all with dignity, but we must remember one thing: we must stick to our morals as human beings!

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Written by Gemma Smith