“My little children let us not love in word neither in tongue but in deed and in truth” – I.John 3.18

Baroness Caroline Cox

Member of the House of Lords:

She highlighted at the event, the importance of teaching our Christian heritage:

  1. Spiritual – we have been blessed to be living in a country that is identified as a Christian nation. Secular humanists may challenge this saying we’re no longer a Christian society. As a nation we have not been recognised yet as something else, so what we have been identified as, remains. Teaching religion is indoctrination – this is a false argument. To deny the teaching of our faith is to deny choice.
  1. Historical – its important to understand art, music, history, policy and all understandings of our country.
  2. Political – how are we applying our faith in the face of our country? How are we representing our selves and our spiritual heritage? Flower power – systematic attack on our culture and faith. It’s hard to maintain a Christian faith with all the teaching going on. The extent of indoctrination is terrifying. We have to focus on the future of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of choice. Academic freedom fighter – House of Lords.

We want to live in country where religion is respected.

There’s still a huge amount of work to do!

Some of the teaching across universities and schools – teach mission work, if you go anywhere in Africa, Asia, they would speak highly of Christianity, but now its work and practices are being diminished.

Education gives us the freedom to think for ourselves. You cannot give anyone a greater freedom that that.”

“We must really treasure our spiritual Christian heritage,” she continues to say.

If we have a faith worth living for, it’s a faith worth dying for. Don’t portray this faith. Cradle our faith and enable the young generation to enjoy our spiritual heritage, so teaching is so important in our schools across the whole country, and importantly, the whole world.

There is an enormous importance of maintaining our precious heritage.

It shows what we’re up against and it’s inspiring.

People are aiming to destroy biblically based, traditional families. People who have stood against these revolutionary trends is Lynda Rose. She carries passion for education for our children, and for the whole values of love and justice that are so much part of our gospel. We need to establish and keep the faith alive in our ever-growing secularist human society. There is a cost but Lynda is willing to bear that cost.

Lynda Rose speaks, editor of the book What are they teaching our children?

“This initiative, VfJ and the book would not have happened if it weren’t for June Cash (secretary). She had a passion for children. It is pivotal, it is a tribute to her.”

She then discusses: The Myth of Secular Neutrality

Our Christian traditions that our society is based upon now, make us feel guilty. According to our re-branded values they believe that we don’t need religion anymore. We have outgrown the belief for fairy stories.

“Secular humanism incorporates the Enlightenment principle of individualism, which celebrates emancipating the individual from traditional controls by family, church, and state, increasingly empowering each of us to set terms of his or her own life.” – source – Secularhumanism.org

We’re the biggest targets and we are the softest targets.

Is what’s going on just a natural and cultural evolution of society that has outgrown its myth or is it altogether more sinister?

Secular humanism is not neutral and is very far from being objective.

It is a competing belief system, an ideology that is radically hostile and once given control will not live with anything else. It was to over-press our Christian values in our society. We are in a battle.

Why is Education important?

  1. Marxism: a tool for social engineering.
  1. Christian: “Give me a child till he’s seven, and he’s mine for life.” The basic premise is true, what you teach a young child will stay with them for life; it will shape the whole of the future and the character of the future of society. The values we give them determine the society we live in.

They’re no longer neutral just ideological constructs, deliberate tools for indoctrinating the socialist values of the collective.

Christians always encourage children to explore and to think.

This new system that we are witnessing today seeks to destroy anything other than their new religion and this is not education. What we are seeing today is ideological indoctrination, manipulating what is being taught – truth, freedom and inner-fulfilment of those are the casualties.

Do we really want a society that no longer has an agreed concept of right or wrong? Elevates emotion above reason too and that effectively sensors what were entitled to study, think about, talk about or even conceive? These are the techniques of totalitarianism.


Freedom needs to be very much part of the fabric of civilisation

Original source of it: we are all One, we are not separate, it gives dignity to every single individual,


This is our opportunity to reap the benefits of change and speaking out – sexual orientation and religion are two most problematic – all the other things against discriminations are natural incidents of our birth: gender, our age and ethnicity.

“We are not just fighting for our children, we are fighting for our country.”

Shouldn’t we be teaching our children at home and in Church before they encounter this in school so they start with the right foundation?

“Our enemy is ideology and our friend is truth”


Written by Gemma Smith

In picture: Lynda Rose