More women experience menopause today than at any time in the nation’s history. Two of the most common complaints during menopause are hot flashes and night sweats, which prevent many women from receiving a good night’s rest. Some women compensate by lowering their air conditioning thermostat, which may freeze their partners out of the bedroom.

The BedJet V2, the world’s first automated and smart climate comfort system for beds, is a powerful new cooling solution for overheating and sweating in bed. Its patented JetConvectTM air technology and silky quiet digital DC motor cools off sleepers nearly instantly via remote control. A proprietary night sweat drying mode has been proven by independent labs to quickly remove body moisture out of the bed.

“The BedJet delivers tremendous relief to those suffering from night sweats or bedtime hot flashes and has found massive popularity in the menopausal community, as well as from others afflicted with thermoregulation and night sweat issues such a cancer and MS patients” said BedJet President Mark Aramli, who has previously been an engineer on the climactic comfort systems of the NASA space suit.

The BedJet V2 solves the age old problems of lost sleep from being too hot or too cold in bed and couples with disagreements on sleep temperature preferences. Dual zone capability enables half the bed to be toasty warm while the other half is cooled. The warming feature of the BedJet can warm a king size bed to sauna like warmth in just 180 seconds.

The BedJet V2 incorporates smart biorhythm sleep temperature technology based off sleep temperature medical research from the Dutch Institute of Neuroscience. This enables automated adjustments of the bed temperature over the night to help users get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed. Using the BedJet V2 smartphone app, users can create custom sleep temperature profiles to activate different warming or cooling settings for every hour of the night to help promote better sleep. Sensors take into account any unusual changes in ambient bedroom temperature and make adjustments automatically. With BedJet V2, smartphones become more than just a remote control for the bed, but one for the body as well.

Released in January of 2016, the BedJet V2 quickly achieved notoriety by become the No. 1 consumer rated product in the entire mattress category on all of Amazon, gaining a rare 92% 5-star rating from users. The V2 is now the leading cooling and heating system made just for beds in America.

BedJet is a sleep technology start-up that launched in 2015 with the groundbreaking BedJet cooling, heating and climate comfort system made just for beds. BedJet is re-inventing the sleep experience with advanced technology and proven medical sleep science. Based in Rhode Island, the company was founded by inventor and former NASA space suit engineer Mark Aramli. For more information, visit BedJet is available at Amazon, Brookstone, select Bed Bath & Beyond stores and Jordan’s Furniture.

Source: NewswireToday