“Most of us wished we had paid attention to things when we was younger. When you’re in your 20s you think being 60 is a long way off. But it’s not it will happen before you know it.”

Ensure your old age becomes glorious and enjoyable and these are the things you may regret by the time you’re 60 if you don’t take care of yourself and your life while you’re young, so take note!

  1. Not making the most of our time – it is a raw material of life, when you waste time you waste your life.
  2. Not saving or investing enough – it is easy to get into the habit from living from hand to mouth. It is easy to not put money aside for a rainy day. The truth is, today with a lot of adjustments in lifestyle and expenditure, you can save. It takes discipline. You need to learn this when you’re earning little first.
  3. Not spending more time with your family – when you’re young you tend to put your family last. When you don’t make time they will grow apart from you and they will learn to be without you. When you’re retired your family won’t know how to fit you in because you didn’t fit them into your life when you was young.
  4. Not reading enough – when you’re younger you seldom make the time to read a book. Most people in their 30s have never read a book since school.
  5. Not controlling your sexual urges – when you are young you tend to be controlled by them rather than you controlling them. People are willing to jeopardise their health and the interest of their company/organisation just for sexual pleasure. You will wish you had stuck to one woman rather than becoming ill and sleeping with many. You will wish you kept your zip done up!
  6. Caring too much what people think of you – when you’re young you think this is important, you put yourself under stress because you care about others. those who care about you are willing to accept you for who you are.
  7. Not taking better time of your body and health. The body you have today is the one that will take you to the end of this earth. When you’re young it can take a lot of abuse but you’re older you’ll receive a bill for all of this abuse. Eat healthy, learn to rest and make time to exercise. Cut down on booze and smoke.
  8. Not investing in others – in life you reap what you sow. If you have made any investment in people you will be able to count on others. Don’t rely on yourself only otherwise you’ll be alone.
  9. Not persevering enough – in your 50s you’ll be surprised by how many things could have come your way if you had stuck by things. life surrenders only to those who don’t give up, who persevere.
  10. Not living your passion – most of us only chase what brings us money. Some people feel so fulfilled because they’ve lived their passion and they are full of joy even if it doesn’t bring you that much money. By your 60s you’ll have great memories and you’ll retire in comfort with abundance of happiness.

Written up by Gemma Smith