“Digging deeper than what the surface offers.”

There have been many times when I looked around me and all I witnessed was people being driven by money and the increase in economic growth. In China, for example, more and more people are now letting go of the idea of increasing the country’s GDP and many now focus on building their own dreams and exploring their inner-self.

Life is full of meanings and interpretations and it is our decision how we choose to view and fit into the world around us. The “new Chinese” are less interested in material wealth, stability and security for example, and more individuals are becoming concerned with their environment and chasing their dreams…and this is a beautiful revelation.

Aspirations and desires are important and give us a sense of value about our self. They make us feel like we’re working towards something and help to keep us grounded and true to whom we are and our desires. It can be very easy to live a robotic life: a 9-5 lifestyle and then travelling home and being stuck in the traffic on the motorway, then once arriving home all you want to do is sleep, not interact with your wife/husband and kids and build on your dreams. That is not life because we as humans deserve more, more times of happiness and present moments, according to my beliefs. There is more, but first you need to believe that you deserve more and never lose faith.

Like what is happening in America with Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again,’ it is a constant reminder and subtle force to be mindful of the country and ‘Others’. Of course, this is a fantastic mind-set, but what is more important is the ‘Self’ because once you have mastered your ‘Self’ and work towards your passions and dreams, you are more equipped to help ‘Others’ and radiate your light into the world around you. There needs to be a careful balance between these two elements but a lot of the time, those in power with a lot of authority tend to steer us clear of thinking about our ‘Self’ – they want us to forget so that we work towards their values and desires and not our own.

However, the idea of transforming our life through aspirations and inspirations is definitely on the rise and can be witnessed among many different people in our societies, and is achieved through the influence of people raising awareness on the subject. We must remain attentive in encouraging others to pursue their dreams, to never give up and to “never turn off their light”, the very blessed light that our Lord has gifted us with that is personal and unique to each of us.

It has been noted through personal experiences too that the younger generations around the world are starting to become enlightened by the mere thought of valuing something else beyond material wealth. It has become an excitement to have the freedom to manoeuvre around this world, to soak up the abundance of opportunities at our fingertips, to travel and to live with less fear…to be and to become more. Those with these awakened ideals are exploring their spiritual side more and more, reading self-help books and watching inspirational figures like Tony Robbins online.

This religious renaissance is becoming addictive and that is what we are hoping to create more of: for an increase in ‘Others’ to be open-minded and to awaken to this modern-day realm of thought and desire.

Many people around the world suffer with loneliness so they need to find God, speak to Him for guidance and for these people to know that God loves them dearly.

And it is about us serving this purpose for ‘Others’ while reminding those around us: our family, friends and our neighbours, to never give up on fulfilling their dreams, for this will create inner fulfilment, happiness and heaps of joy for us and for people around our Earth.

And what is my dream? My dream is to become a profound writer that can inspire ‘Others’ around the world to become the person they want to be and through self-belief anything is possible…because I believe dreams can come true, and by writing this, mine certainly has.


Written by Gemma Smith

(All beliefs and ideas are those from my own.)