Sad to hear that Whitney Houston’s only daughter has died (Bobbi Kristina). She was only 22 years of age with her whole life ahead of her. Not really knowing the full story of her death and why it occurred, but it seemed as though she couldn’t cope with the death of her mother who died in February 2012 of an accidental death. Though in the beginning, Whitney Houston was surrounded by drugs, infidelity, domestic violence and drug use throughout her 14-year marriage with her husband bobby brown. This then had an impact on their marriage and their families.

Why do young and old celebrities end their popular fame in death and why does it always have to be a ‘suspicious death’. Only God can see everything that happens and we will not always get the answers to what happens to these celebrities. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, and that is why as Christians its important we are careful in judging those who perhaps don’t know God but rather in fact pray for them. Most of these people have lost souls and they may even want to ‘come out’ of the fame they find too much to take. Once you are famous, all eyes are on you and you’re personal life is on every magazine/newspaper cover. They become ‘idols’ to people and some of which have forgotten that God should be our only idol, because he created us in the likeness of his own image. God knows our name, he knows our future, he can count every hair on our heads and knows what it is that makes you, you. These celebrities only know that you scream for them, buy their CD singles and have posters of them all over your bedroom wall. However, they can never love you and have a personal-intimate relationship with you, the way that God does.

Idols are people who you want to be like, people who inspire you, people who you feel have changed their life. If you have a celebrity idol in mind, can they compare to the creator of this world. The one and only true living God who sent his only one begotten son to die for your sins [John3:16]. One of God’s commands are; to have no other idols before him, speaking of which, there should be no other person made to be higher than him. Why? Because God also created these people and making yourself an idol will only mean you are breaking Gods law [Exodus 20:4]. You are basically saying…“Everyone should praise and worship me, there is no other God, and I am God”. An idol doesn’t necessarily need to be a person, it can be a TV show that you constantly watch on a daily basis. You would rather watch TV than spend time with God. A hip-hop Christian rapper (Andy Mineo) wrote a song named ‘Hands high’ telling people,, “to be careful who they worship, when they go to a concert”. Be careful whom you make your God and most importantly be careful on what things you give most of your time to.

It seems as though most celebrities are involved in drugs and other mental abuse. This type of environment causes them to loose a vision of what their mission in the entertainment industry really is. We all have talents we want to use to our full potential, and for some us it’s a case of doing it for the satisfaction of the world or doing it to please God so that he can gain the glory. Fame is about riches, attention and popularity status. The advantage of fame would be, making your fans happy with the music created and living the life of luxury, but the disadvantage of fame is the issue of always getting negative newspaper releases from the press. Not to mention, the ‘haters’ and the ugly environment some celebrities could be surrounded by i.e. partying, drinking, drugs and the pressure to always ‘look good and act good’. This can cause the celebrities to lose their identity, their plans to a good life and their reputation. It’s as though people would care more about gaining money than actually living a good-happy life. Money can always change and at times it runs out rather quickly. In the book of Mark it is written; for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36). To paraphrase the scripture, what does a man gain from loosing his inner soul (spirit) and trade it for all the riches of the world. Why would you rather live in a life luxury that the world offers and loose who you are in the middle of it? Its like having a love of money, making it your priority and goal than to actually live a life that you are content with, without having to always be in desperate need of being rich. Jesus said that no one can serve both God and money (Matthew 6:24) “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Yes, God knows we need money to live. Money can buy food and clothes but the love of money is something else. Craving money can lead to greed and it causes people to do all sort of things they wouldn’t normally do. Take for instance gambling, it can create an addiction and lead the person to consequences of debt. Money can make you look good on the outside but how do you actually feel on the inside.

Lastly, the only person who we as Christians should make famous is Jesus Christ. He carried that cross all the way to Calvary and died on it for our sins so that we may live. Make Jesus known to the people who don’t know him. Bring lost souls to Christ and his kingdom; Fame seems to be an ugly thing when it turns into death though, God wants us to live for his glory. He created you to live a beautiful, victorious life. Live life with the right purpose and he will bless you endlessly. Pray for these celebrities who don’t know that they have a loving creator and that would rather gain the riches of the world than to enter the kingdom of God. They are very much deceived by what the world has to offer. (Romans 14:1) Welcome the person who is weak in faith—but not in order to argue about differences of opinion

Rip bobby Kristina.